Accessibility Guidelines & Resources

For Presenters:

LIT believes in providing equity of access to conference materials both during live presentations and for any content provided on our website post-conference. Please help us meet this value by creating accessible presentations.

Use of PowerPoint templates is recommended because they integrate accessibility into their design when their template structure is followed. At a minimum, please run the Microsoft Accessibility Checker on any PowerPoint slides you use in your LIT 2022 presentation. This tool will look for elements such as:

  • Explanatory alt text for images
  • Logical reading order for slide content
  • Sufficient color contrast
  • Meaningful hyperlink text
  • Captions for any embedded video

In addition, please keep accessibility best practices for Zoom sessions in mind. For example:

  • Describe any visual content as it is displayed — including screenshares and whiteboards
  • Be prepared to share links (and any other resources) via email or some other channel, before and/or after the session, rather than relying solely on the Zoom chat feature. The use of assistive technology may prevent some users from clicking links during the session. Other users may have to call in over the phone due to internet outages.
  • Limit the use of Zoom polls
  • For more, see Yale’s recommendations for accessible Zoom sessions (note that some of the Zoom settings will be controlled by the LIT committee members who are monitoring the meeting — such as the “mute participants upon entry” setting)

Additional resources we recommend for guidance are available from Electronic Resources & Libraries and Library Assessment Conference.

For Participants:

After LIT 2022, video recordings with captions will be posted online for most of the sessions. However, at the presenters’ request, some sessions will not be recorded. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!